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This is our exciting and challenging world of film, broadcast and television production.

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we’re sure there is a media solution just for you.

At Visual Studio Production we pride ourself in our main value and mission...

“Creating Opportunity Through Media”.

A solutions-driven studios from the Creative to Conceptual,

Implementation to Execution...We keep you ahead of Media Trends.

• Film Production

• Television Production

• Documentaries

• Television Commercials

• Broadcast (O.B.)

• Jib / Tracks / Generators

• Studio / Line Production

• L.E.D. Big Screens

• Corporate Communications

• Training & Induction SETA

• Educational Videos SETA

• Countrywide Road Shows

• Live Stage Productions

• Sound / Lighting / Screens

• Photography - Commercial

• Internet/Web Solutions

Shoot your next film in beautiful South Africa

Just pack your luggage and bring your actors, directors, Producers etc...

Let us take care of everything else like technical, logistics, camera’s, crew, jibs, tracks, lighting, accommodation, Locations, extra’s, actors, models, Generators, stunt crew....and most important - your budget!


Small & Medium Enterprises

Media for 1st Time Advertisers

We are committed in assisting Small & Medium Enterprises in their growth. If you are working really hard and you feel its time you worked smart then talk to us. There’s a media solution designed just for you. Corporate Videos, Television Commercial Production, Roadshows, Access to Digital Media Outdoor Advertising, Airport Screens, Radio Commercials and mass mobile (cellphone) advertising.

Call : 083 265 8305

Over 20 Million viewers

can change your life.

Advertise on television and reach millions of viewers. It is easier than you think. Advertising on television is cheaper than advertising in the newspapers. We have access to all channels in South Africa, Africa and abroad.

Mobile Advertising Bulk MMS and SMS

Broadcast Airtime Advertising Sales

SETA Actrd. Training, Safety and induction videos

Facilitating local content and television commercials production.

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Talk to us...




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South Africa

Junior artists and extras. Know your legal rights before you get hired onto a film set, television advert, music video

or photo shoot.

Your Rights

We respect the industry.

We respect our artists.

We ensure responsible production and music usage.




• D.O.Ps

• Film Labs

• Tripods

• Cranes

• Jimmy Jibs

• Track/Dolly

• Arri Lighting

• Monitors

• Generators

• Crew Buses

• Stunt Crew

• Make-up

• Hotels

• Locations

• Access

• Arri 435mm

• Arri 16mm

• Film Stock

• XD-HD Cams

Corporate Videos

Highly Effective Media

Corporate videos are an extremely effective way of getting your message across. In business corporate videos shows and tells your clients and future clients exactly what you do and will increase your business potential while improving the way the world sees you. In conferences corporate videos make it easier to get your message across. Contact Visual Studio Production now for the quickest solutions.

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